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My Class Teacher

My Class Teacher

Essay on “My Class Teacher”

I am a student of Class IV in Delhi Public School, Delhi. There are hundreds of teachers in our school. One of them is our class teacher. Her name is Ms. Divya Sharma. She is a trained graduate with proficiency in English and History subjects.

Ms. Divya has a tall figure with about five feet. She is about thirty now. She has fair colour. She wears nice saaris and matching accessories.

She comes to my class every day in the first period to take the attendance. She looks to the general well-being of the class. She knows each of us by name, as a class teacher, she does her duties regularly. Besides, she takes a subject in our class. She teaches us English. She has full command on her subject. Her method of teaching is very good. She teaches us with love and care. She never gets angry when a student fails to learn. She encourages him or her to learn again and again. She explains things in simple and clear manner. She is gentle and soft- spoken. She is liked by everyone in our class.

She is always ready to help her pupils. But she is very strict in discipline. She always wants us to be disciplined and tidy.

I am proud of my teacher. She is a blessing of God for me. May she live long.


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