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School is a temple of learning where the students are involved in learning process. School is the basic foundation of knowledge being imparted to a child. It gives a chance to children to acquire knowledge on various fields of education, such as people, literature, history, mathematics, politics, and other numerous subjects. It is a place where children learn basic things like manners, discipline, punctuality and many more along with studies. 

The name of my school is Delhi Public School. My school is surrounded with lush green trees. It has two play grounds, one small and one big. There is even a cricket net for practicing cricket and a basket ball court as well. We all assemble in the big ground for the morning prayer and then disperse after the assembly.

There are classes from LKG to Class 12 in my school, with about 2000 students and about 100 teachers including teachers for P.T, work experience, music and drawing. We have three unit tests and then we have quarterly exam, half yearly exam and annual exam. The students of my school are well disciplined and studious as well. They show brilliant performance in the annual exam with cent per cent results. 

All our teachers are very strict and at the same time they are very friendly and helpful as well. They guide us very well and look to all our needs.

There is even a canteen in the school which is quite neat and offers food at subsidized rates. There is even a big library in my school with number of interesting books of all kinds. We have a library period once a week and we go in a line to the library and read books that are interesting to us. We are even allowed to borrow books from the library. Sometimes during break we go to library for reading the newspapers and magazines. 

Once a week there is a drawing period which is our favourite period. We enjoy drawing and painting. We participate in various inter school competitions and are trained well by our teachers for getting prizes in the competitions. We celebrate Independence Day on August 15, Teacher's Day on September 5 and Children's Day on November 14 with great enthusiasm. We have various competitions like dance, song, elocution, fancy dress etc on Children's Day. 

My school even celebrates Annual Day and Sports Day every year. We all participate in various cultural activities and sports events on these days. There is even a school magazine which is published every year. We all write poems, travelogues, jokes, stories, riddles and many more for publishing in the school magazine. 

Thus nowadays, school has become the first stepping stone in the life of a child, wherein he/she learns a lot more than just rote learning. Developing hobbies, refining them, learning basic etiquettes, getting skilled at multi tasking, developing social skills are some of the many things that a school equips a child with.

I like my school and my teachers very much. I feel that my school is the best school in the city.


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i love it[/u :D :D
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i like it very much

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